Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer with Sortbet Maker

Kuvings BPA-Free B6000S Whole Slow Juicer with Sortbet Maker Review

Kuvings is one of the leading manufacturing companies that have its products all over the world. It specializes in innovating and producing kitchen appliances. It has produced some quality juicers and among them is the Kuvings B6000S which is there to meet almost all of your needs.

The Features

It has low-speed mastication; a technology that helps in squeezing every drop of juice from different kinds of ingredients. Additionally, the technology helps in maximizing the nutritional values and provides natural flavors with a little amount of fiber and pulp. The juice will, therefore, retain the enzymes which are destroyed by oxidation in some juicers. Specifically, this works well with apple juice since it will be healthful when squeezed by this juicer.

It is worth noting that the juicer runs quietly. Most high-speed juicers produce a lot of noise which is distracting. Most people who need a peaceful kitchen need to have this juicer since it is quiet when compared to the others.

It features a rotary cleaning tool which is a patented brush that rotates and cleans the juicer which makes it easy to clean. Additionally, its smart cap is detachable hence making it easy for you during cleanups and rinsing.

It is a powerful juicer with 240W that operates quietly. This means that the juicer can process fruits and vegetables that are very fibrous and the unit stays cool and stable. Not all juicers have the ability to cut and grind all the ingredients especially those that are of low power. It has fewer vibrations and hence convenient for using at home.

Kuvings has a unique J.M.C.S technology hence producing 100% natural and undiluted juice. It gently presses the fruits with its slow-rotating screw other than grinding them with a fast-rotating blade hence minimizing loss of nutrients. It also has a ULTEM screw that is strong and long and easily cuts the whole ingredients while juicing. This feature also helps in minimizing the loss of nutrients and oxidation from precutting ingredients. Its screw’s compression blade is specially designed to masticate ingredients with a lot of at optimal angles.

Pros and Cons

The juicer is convenient since it has an extra-wide feed chute that is 3 inches. This helps in eliminating the need to chop the fruits excessively thus retaining the nutrients.

Second, it helps in drastically reducing the preparation time. The assembly of the juicer is straightforward as well as its disassembly. Its features also make it easier to clean hence saves your time.

You can also benefit from the juicer’s AC brushless motor which crushes the fruits and vegetables for a wholesome drink.

The juicer has its downside since you have to cut up your celery before the juicer grinds it to avoid clogging. This might take some time.

The Bottom Line

Overall is one of the best juicers you will find. It can handle most of the ingredients at home. Its great features, power and ease of cleaning makes it a perfect juicer.