Best Cold Press Juicer Reviews for Home and Commercial Use

Don’t you just love juices? If you do, cold press juicers are just what you need. Other than the refreshing flavor that a glass of cold pressed juice spreads through your taste buds, it is also an excellent way of consuming more nutrients. The juices you buy from the stores do not make any positive contribution to your health since they have little nutritional value.

The best cold press juicer squeezes out juice from all kind of fruits and veggies and although this type of extraction takes some time, it ensures that majority of the nutrients from the ingredients are retained in the drink. Cold press juicers are the latest varieties of juicers in the market and their highly technological design offers loads of benefits for juice lovers which we will discuss later in the guide.

Whether you have decided to purchase a slow juicer for personal health or looking for a commercial cold press juicer machine for professional purposes, one thing is for sure: you only want to invest in the best. If you search the market, you will find tons of varieties which are bound to confuse you. To make sure you do not make a wrong choice that you later regret, we have put together this comprehensive cold press juicer buying guide for you. Read the complete guide along with the cold press juicer reviews before you go buying one to make sure you select only the best.

Things to Consider before Purchasing Cold Press Juicer

If you have finally decided to add a cold press juicer to your kitchen counter, here are a few things you need to consider before making your purchase:

Pulp Ejection:

Most cold press juicers come with a container to collect the pulp from the ingredients that is being discarded in the creation of juice. This container can be external or internal. Most users find the external container more convenient as with these they do not have to stop the process to empty the container.  Those which do not include this container at all need to be placed over the waste basket which some users find messy while others find more convenient in terms of cleanup.

Yield Quality:

This is probably the biggest determining factor since after all the extracted juice is what you are purchasing the cold press juicer for in the first place. The best cold press juicers produce a juice that is rich in nutrients and free of pulp, foam or froth. If however, you prefer some pulp in your juice, there are options offered with a coarse strainer that lets some pulp pass through with the juice.

Feed Chute Size:

Nobody likes to waste time cutting the fruits and vegetables before feeding them into the feed chute of the cold press juicer. Look for a wide feed chute in the cold press juicer you are planning to purchase so that you can feed most of the ingredients whole without needing to cut them first. A wider feed chute also reduces the chances of oxidation of your drink. Oxidation of the drink means it won’t last long and you will have to consume it right away.

Ease of Use:

Make sure that the cold press juicer you choose is easy enough for you to operate and also for others who might be using the appliance. A cold press juicer with clear user manual and simple controls should be easy enough for anyone to use. Additionally, also check that it has fewer parts to put together, detach and clean to reduce your preparation time especially if you are always in a rush and do not want to waste a lot of time in preparing juice for yourself. Some modern cold press juicers offer a convenient function that unclogs the appliance in the time of need.

Size of the Cold Press Juicer:

Cold press Juicers come in various different shapes and sizes which you may choose from depending on your preferences and the storage space available in your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, you need to be particularly careful to select a compact cold press juicer which offers a smaller footing. While horizontal cold press juicers can take out large volumes of juice in one go, they are much heavier and you may not have enough storage space for it if you have a small kitchen. Vertical cold press juicers, on the other hand have a smaller footing which makes them more suitable for smaller kitchens with limited storage space. If space is not an issue and you prefer preparing large amounts of juice at a time, find a cold press juicer with a bigger collecting container so that you won’t continuously have to transfer the extracted juice to a larger container.


If you have use for other appliances in your kitchen which you don’t already have, you could pick a model of cold press juicer which offers attachments for those gadgets. There are cold press juicers present in the market which can also serve as a pasta maker or a blender for example. You could also go for an even more versatile tool which offers food processing capabilities in addition to the primary purpose of juicing.

Ingredients That Can Be Juiced:

You cannot expect to juice all types of ingredients with every cold press juicer. Some juicers will work better with soft fruits such as grapes while some will handle hard fruits and vegetables better like apples and carrots. For example, cold press juicers with twin gears work wonderfully at slowly extracting juice from hard ingredients like watermelon rind but will not work so well for soft fruits. If you would prefer a cold press juicer which can nicely extract juice from all sorts of ingredients, you could consider buying one which offers multiple speeds. A slow speed generally works better for softer fruits like grapes while faster speeds will be able to work better with harder ingredients like apples.

Easy To Clean:

As with any other kitchen appliance, you would only want to take out your cold press juicer regularly for juicing if it is easy to clean. You would want to clean the machine right away after you have used it because it would be more of a hassle to clean if food remains dry on it. For this reason you would want a cold press juicer with fewer parts to clean which are preferably dishwasher safe to make your work even simpler. Some modern cold press juicers even come with self-cleaning features to make cleanup a breeze.


Although not a major factor, you may want a cold press juicer that does not produce a lot of noise during its operation so that you can use it any time you are in the mood of a glass of juice without waking or disturbing others in your home. With a quite cold press juicer, you could even decide to have some juice in the middle of the night without worrying about waking someone up during the preparation.


The warranty of a cold press juicer tells you a lot about its durability. A cold press juicer for which its manufacturer can offer a long term warranty means that they have built it to last. The best cold press juicer should offer a long warranty of at least 5 years to ensure its longevity. When you have a cold press juicer with a long enough warranty, you will be motivated to experiment with all sorts of different ingredients without constantly worrying about any damage to the appliance.


You can find cold press juicers in a diverse price range. The simplest ones start around $50 and the high end models can cost as high as $1000. It’s understandable that most of us have to stick to a strict budget when going out to make a big investment such as this one. You can find some very affordable cold press juicers that yield good quality juices but you will need to compromise on a few of the features like feed chute or cleaning. A cheaper cold press juicer might not have all the attractive features you will be asking for and may require hand washing or pre cutting of fruits because of a smaller feed chute. If however, you have more dollars to spare, you will easily find an appliance with more features, better yield and lesser pulp.


Never buy an appliance from an unfamiliar manufacturer since no matter how many attractive features it offers, you cannot be sure that the product is going to last. Even if they provide a good warranty, you cannot be sure that they will respond positively and promptly to your complaints and offer the services you are requiring of them. A reputable manufacturer of cold press juicers, on the other hand, will do whatever it takes to maintain a good name and offer excellent customer services.


Although FDA approves of the amount of BPA found in plastic containers, some users are still careful especially if they will be using the appliance to make food for babies or toddlers. So if you are planning to serve your baby with the juice you extract from the cold press juicer it’s better to select a BPA-free cold press juicer so that you won’t have to concern yourself with the several diseases that BPA could possibly cause.

Cold Press Juicer Reviews

1. SimpleTaste Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

SimpleTaste Slow Masticating Juicer ExtractorIf you are into juicing but do not have the money to spend on one of the high end cold press juicer, this is excellent choice for you in under $100. The 150 watts motor housed in the juicer spins its auger at a slow speed of 80 rpm without making too much noise to juice all kinds of fruits and most types of vegetables including celery, leafy greens and even ginger. The juicer is simple to bring together and simple to detach for cleanup using a simple cleaning brush and water included in the unit. The juicer also features a convenient reverse function to cater clogging and ensure that the machine continues to run smoothly. Compared to a centrifugal juicer, SimpleTaste yields a drink with lesser foam, lesser pulp, prevented from oxidation and rich in nutrients.  Since the juice produced through this appliance is of higher quality and protected against oxidation, you can store it for over 72 hours without experiencing any change in the quality. The appliance comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, 1 year warranty and also ETL and CE certification for complete user satisfaction. Read Full Review Here.

  • The juicer operates quietly so you can have juices whenever you want to without disturbing others.
  • Effectively juices leafy greens without the need to chop them first.
  • The compact design that the device features makes it a perfect fit for small kitchens.
  • The relatively small feeding tube of the appliance means that you will be required to cut the ingredients into smaller pieces before juicing them.
  • The warranty is a bit shorter than that offered by other juicers in the same price range.

2. Willsence Slow Juice Extractor, Nutrition Master

Willsence Slow Juice Extractor, Nutrition MasterThis is a masticating juicer which uses its slow speed to produce a top quality juice with the natural colors, flavors and nutrients of the ingredients retained to the maximum degree. It also uses a unique ‘Dual Stage Extraction’ to yield a drink that is greater in quantity, better in flavor, more nutritious and has a longer life in comparison to the juice from the traditional juicers. Additionally, it uses a filter baffle to filter out all the foam to produce a clear drink. What’s also worth mentioning is its exclusive ‘Pulpfresh System’ with a spiral system equipped with adjustable rings to extract greater quantities of juice with its nutrients from a smaller amount of ingredients which can range from all sorts of fruits to vegetables like carrots, kale, cabbage and even spinach. Its intelligent motor recognizes the type of ingredient that is added through the feed chute and adjusts the speed accordingly in the range of 60 to 80 rpm without producing any noise. This cold press juicer is entirely BPA-free which renders it completely safe even if you are thinking about making juice for your baby. The product is ETL and FDA certified for your satisfaction and further includes a 2 year warranty.

  • The rings can be adjusted to 5 different settings based on the type of fruits or vegetable that is being juiced.
  • The operation is much quieter as compared to many other juicers.
  • Most customers appreciate the presence of a reverse function which is an effective solution in case there is clogging in the squeezer.
  • Not great for users who want to take their juices on the go.

3. Breville Fountain Plus Juice Extractor

Breville Fountain Plus Juice ExtractorThis 850 watts centrifugal juicer which uses its dual speed motor to handle both soft fruits and hard vegetables perfectly. Even with a motor this strong, the juicer produces very little heat in contrast to the other centrifugal juicers to keep all the useful antioxidants and enzymes alive in the drink. With its 3.3 inches feed chute you will not even need to cut large fruits and vegetables before you feed them to the chute. You can make juice for the entire family in one go since the machine includes a large container of 2.5 liters to separate the pulp and an equally large juice jug of 1 liters with an additional froth separator to make sure that your drink is foam and pulp free. What’s also interesting is that you should expect at least 30% greater yield and 40% more nutrients in contrast to the traditional juicers since it uses a strong cutting disc made of stainless steel surrounded by a mesh filter. Most of the components of this cold press juicer can safely be placed in a dishwasher and the product is also backed by a year long warranty to cover for any damage. Read Full Review Here.

  • It is among the most economical options that you will find in the market.
  • Since it is a centrifugal juicer, you can expect it to be much faster than the slow juicers out there, which especially comes in handy when you are short of time.
  • The device is user-friendly and relatively simple to clean.
  • As compared to other juicers in the market, this one does not work too well with leafy greens.
  • The noise level of the appliance is also a bit higher than most good standard juicers in the market.

4. Omega Nutrition Center Cold Press Juicer

Omega Nutrition Center Cold Press JuicerThis masticating juicer is not just a recommended choice for all juicing enthusiasts but food lovers as a whole. The reason is that the same machine can be used to mince garlic, make pasta, prepare baby food, make nut butter and grind coffee besides making the finest quality juice for you. Despite the long list of functionalities offered, the machine is quite user-friendly and simple to operate. The number of parts is few which make it quite simple to put together and easy to detach when you wish to clean them up. The speed at which the auger rotates is 80 rpm which is purposefully kept low to ensure that the natural taste and nutrients of the organic ingredients are not lost in the drink. The dual stage mechanism that it uses for juicing ensures that all juice is squeezed out of the fruit before the pulp is discarded. This will mean that you should be expecting a greater yield in comparison to most other cold press juicers. The end product which is free of any foam or pulp can stay fresh for as long as 72 hours. There is additionally a long 10 year warranty to back the product. Read Full Review Here.

  • The pulp is ejected out of the juicer into a separate container which allows for continuous juicing no matter what amount of juice you are planning to extract.
  • The juicer is equally great with hard and soft fruits, leafy greens and even nuts.
  • The customers also enjoy the various other functions that the unit has to offer besides juicing.
  • The feed chute is narrow so you will have to cut certain ingredients into smaller pieces to feed them to the chute.
  • The parts of the juicer that come in contact with food are not BPA-free.
  • The pulp collecting container of this particular juicer lacks measurement markings.

5. Kuvings Masticating Slow Juicer

Kuvings Masticating Slow JuicerThis is another excellent masticating juicer for health conscious households, which uses a motor of 170 watts to rotate the auger at a speed of 80 rpm, low enough to pull out maximum amount of juice and nutrients from the fresh fruits and vegetables without oxidizing it. The feed chute is wide enough for you to feed most ingredients without chopping them up into smaller pieces and the juicing screw is made from heavy-duty material to easily pull the juice from fruits, vegetables, greens and also wheatgrass. The interchangeable nozzles available with the unit let you juice, mince, grind, crush and make pasta making it a versatile appliance in comparison to most traditional juicers. Another attractive feature about Kuvings cold press juicer is its automatic juicing technique which lets the machine operate continuously for over half an hour to make juice. The design is user friendly, clean up is simple with easily detachable parts and all the parts that come in contact with the food are BPA-free to ensure your health. A 5 year warranty is also available from the manufacturer to back the product. Read full review here.

  • This is a multi-functional unit which comes with 7 different nozzles for serving a variety of food processing options.
  • The smartly designed auger allows for auto-feeding which makes this process much faster.
  • The unit can be easily assembled for use and dismantled for cleanup.
  • The warranty is somewhat shorter than what you will find for other juicers in the same price range.
  • The collecting container is small in capacity so it’s not the best choice if you prepare juice in bulks.
  • The small feed chute of the appliance means you will have to cut most ingredients into pieces before feeding them to the juicer.

6. Omega J8006 Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

Omega J8006 Slow Speed Masticating JuicerBeing the no 1 seller on Amazon, it is loaded with features to pull the maximum juice possible with the greatest quantities of nutrients from vegetables, fruits, leafy greens and even wheat grass. A slow speed of only 80 rpm is used to produce a nutritious drink with minimum heat production so that a large quantity of the enzymes and antioxidants survive in your drink. It’s quiet operation ensures that you can go on a juicing spree even at night without waking anyone. It uses a strong dual-stage system to process your drink to yield a much higher amount of juice in contrast to the traditional centrifugal juicers. You can also rest assured that the drink produced by the machine will completely be pulp and foam free. Unlike other cold press juicers in the same price range, this machine gives you much more than juicing. You can use the same machine for grinding coffee, making nut butters, preparing food for your baby and also for mincing garlic and herbs. Another feature that makes it stand out is the staggering 15 year warranty that it comes with. A warranty this long is enough to prove that the device is built to last. Read Full Review Here.

  • The juicer works great with leafy green vegetables too apart from the usual fruits and vegetables.
  • The Ultem auger is strong enough to last through excessive usage without giving you trouble.
  • You can also use the device for other purposes besides extracting juices. You can also use it to make peanut butter, sorbets and much more.
  • It is bigger in size as compared to the usual juicers so isn’t the most ideal pick for a small kitchen.
  • The small feed chute means you will have to cut the produce before feeding it. Also, you will have to apply a little pressure when pushing the ingredients down the chute.

7. SKG Wide Chute Vertical Masticating Cold Press Juicer

SKG Wide Chute Vertical Masticating Cold Press JuicerThis is another excellent tool for serious juicers which creates better tasting, better quality, more nutritious and fresher juicer as compared to the centrifugal juicers. Its 240 watts motor rotates at 60 rpm slowly squeezing the juice out of the fruits and veggies without destroying the natural flavor, color and nutrients of the ingredients and causing minimum oxidation. Oxidation is further avoided by the strainer providing a sealed base to store juice while juicing. This versatile cold press juicer can handle all types of ingredients that you feed through the feed chute including fruits, hard vegetables such as carrots, fibrous ones like celery and even leafy greens if you are into green juices. The feed chute is 3 inches wide to cut down your time spent in cutting the ingredients and also reduces the events of clogging thereby ensuring smooth running of the machine. It also includes with it FDA, ETL and UL certification to prove its quality standards. It includes a 2 year warranty on its parts and a long 10 year warranty for its motor. This is an affordable and strong machine that will produce the most delicious, nutritious, homemade juices for you. Read Full Review Here.

  • The large feed chute greatly reduces the preparation time since you can feed the ingredients into the chute without cutting them.
  • The unit comes with a handle which makes moving it easier.
  • You will have to chop the fibrous greens before feeding them to the juicer so that the pulp spout does not clog.
  • The warranty is a bit shorter than most juicers in the market.

8. Champion Heavy Duty Cold Press Juicer

Champion Heavy Duty Cold Press JuicerIf you want a cold press juicer of commercial grade, this is an excellent option which has a strong motor of 650 watts to yield greater quantities of juice which is richer in taste, color and nutrients than any basic juicer. The motor is additionally backed by a long 10 year warranty to ensure its durability. The heavy-duty construction makes it suitable for homes, juice stands and even restaurants. It can juice all types of fruits, vegetables, nuts and roots quite easily. The slow juicing mechanism that it uses prevents heat buildup which might damage the nutrients as is the case with the traditional cold press juicers. Although the unit weighs 23 pounds, the compact size makes it easier to carry around. The versatile appliance not only produces great quality juices but also makes excellent nut butters, ice creams, baby food and more. You can also utilize it for preparing pasta. The components are easy to put together and barely take a minute to detach for cleanup. You can also wash the components in a dishwasher for further convenience. Read Full Review Here.

  • Automatic pulp ejection system of the unit will allow you to juice continuously.
  • It can even be used in commercial kitchens since it is a professional grade juicer.
  • Besides juicing, it also offers attachments for milling and mixing so you can call it a versatile unit.
  • Since it is a commercial grade juicer, it is large in size and will take up a lot of your countertop space.
  • The juicer is not dishwasher safe which means the cleanup can be a little time consuming.
  • It is a bit noisier than most of the other masticating juicers.

9. Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer with Sortbet Maker

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer with Sortbet MakerIf you love homemade fresh juices, this is a great cold press juicer which uses the slow juicing technique to produce a healthy drink with greatest quantities of nutrients and natural taste retained. Preparation time won’t hold you back from preparing juice in large amounts since its 3 inch wide feeding tube can handle whole fruits and vegetables easily preventing you from the hassle of cutting them first. Not only can it efficiently squeeze out the juice from all the different fruits, all kinds of veggies and leafy greens but can also make nut milks, sorbets and other desserts. The powerful 240 watts motor functions silently without producing any unnecessary noise or vibration to wake up the entire house if you are craving for a glass of juice at night. The appliance comes with a cleaning tool which is intelligently designed to make cleaning the strainer and brushes a breeze. What’s also unique about the Kuvings cold press juicer is the Smart Cap attached with it which is ideal for making mixed fruit juices. You can try out all sorts of recipes with your juicer and use it as much as you want without worrying about damages since a long 10 year warranty is available with the product. Read Full Review Here.

  • The wide feed chute of this juicer makes the preparation of ingredients a lot faster.
  • The design of the juicer is such that it yields much greater quantities of juices as compared to other juicers and ensures less wastage.
  • With the rotary cleaning brush that the unit includes, cleaning it is much faster as compared to other juicers.
  • It is one of the priciest models that you will find for sale.
  • The juicer clogs frequently especially when juicing fibrous greens.
  • The motor heats up if you are producing bulk quantities of juice. But the unit will automatically shut off when this happens.

10. Tribest Cold Press Masticating Juice Extractor

Tribest Cold Press Masticating Juice ExtractorIf you want a versatile juicer which will not only produce the best quality juices for you but will also help you with many other kitchen tasks, you might want to consider this beautiful appliance. This is a masticating type juicer which constructed vertically and uses a strong motor of 200 watts to rotate the auger at a slow speed of 47 rpm to extract the greatest amount of juice possible and minimize the production of heat which destroys the naturally occurring nutrients in the organic produce. Although the motor gives only 200 watts, the appliance also features reduction gears to produce a torque which is much greater than that of other slow juicers. A higher torque makes it more powerful and makes sure that the machine operates smoothly without any jamming. The juice produced has a much longer shelf life than most of the other cold press juicers that are present in the market. Other features which make it stand out are the double edged design of the auger for faster and better juicing and juice cap to control the quantity of juice that flows out of the machine. A mincing attachment is also available in the unit which will help you prepare sauces, nut butters, baby food and more. A 10 year warranty will motivate you to use the appliance more often without worrying of damages.

  • The speed is even slower than the usual masticating juicers which accounts for a greater yield with the same quantity of produce and reduced oxidation.
  • The size is small and compact which makes it suitable for people who have a small kitchen.
  • The double edged design of the auger makes it great at juicing leafy greens and wheat grass.
  • The feed chute is comparatively smaller so you might have to cut certain ingredients before juicing them.
  • You will find it much pricier than many other high-end juicers in the market.
  • Some users have complained of pulp getting stuck underneath the auger which might become quite difficult to remove.

11. Hurom Masticating Slow Juicer

Hurom Masticating Slow JuicerManufactured by one of the pioneers in vertical slow juicing brands, this could be one of the most perfect options for consuming healthy homemade juices. In contrast to the traditional centrifugal juicers, this slow speed juicer extracts 35% greater juice leaving behind pulp which is drier as compared to that left by other juicers. Its slow squeezing technology uses a vertical auger rotating at 80 rpm to push the ingredients through a screen that will separate and discard all the pulp. The juice produced using this method retains all the natural flavors and nutrients that are lost when using other cold press juicers. It can work with all kinds of fruits, veggies and greens to make juice and can also be utilized for preparing sauce, nut milks, baby food and more. The vertical design of the auger automatically pushes the ingredients to the juicer and there is also a plunger available for ingredients which find it hard to move down on their own. The auger and strainer used in the cold press juicer are made from Ultem which is many times stronger than most of the other plastics so that it can handle even the toughest of the ingredients without any damage. If you are looking for a quality juicer with a compact vertical design, this is a great option for you. Read Full Review Here.

  • The parts are durable and the 150 watts motor is strong to withstand excessive use for many years.
  • The machine is so quiet you can think of using it any time of the day without disturbing others.
  • It offers one of the highest yields among the masticating juicers available in the market.
  • You will find that the unit does not work very well with leafy greens, wheat-grass and other fibrous ingredients.
  • Some users have complained about the fact the juicer leaks if you use it for tough tasks.
  • The juicer is among the most expensive options in the market.

12. Tribest Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer

Tribest Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating JuicerThis is a horizontal masticating juicer which prepares the best quality juices possible which have a longer shelf life, more nutrients and more flavor than most other juicers. Slow rotation of the auger at 110 rpm ensures minimum oxidation of ingredients, greater flavor and greater yield. It uses an excellent twin gear system to grind the ingredients to squeeze out all of the juice from them. Less number of components and the availability of convenient cleaning tools make it easier to clean it up which will motivate you to make use of it on a daily basis rather than only on occasions. Attachments are present which convert the appliance into a food processor for making frozen desserts, baby food, nut butters, pasta and more. The parts are made of food grade BPA-free material so that you can also use the appliance for making baby food without any worries. An exceptional 12 years warranty ensures that you will be using the cold press juicer for many years to come. Overall, it is a convenient tool for health conscious people to make homemade cooking easier. Read Full Review Here.

  • The design includes magnets to pull out more vitamins and minerals from the ingredients you put into the juicer.
  • The unit does a great job at juicing leafy greens and even wheat-grass.
  • The dishwasher-friendly components make it pretty easy to cleanup.
  • Additional attachments for pasta making and mixing make it a versatile tool to have in any kitchen.
  • The narrow feed chute means you will have to cut most of the fruits and vegetables before feeding them.
  • You will also have to apply some force to push the ingredients down the chute.
  • The machine is quite heavy weighing around 26 lbs which makes it somewhat difficult to handle.

13. Aicok Masticating Slow Juicer

Aicok Masticating Slow JuicerAicok does the job of a high end cold press juicer in only under $100. It is an ideal solution to your juicing needs without spending a fortune on the sophisticated models. Simple to put together and simple to clean, this cold press juicer also has a 75mm wide feed chute to allow you to use whole ingredients and eliminate the need of cutting them. You can utilize it to juice a wide range of fruits and veggies including apples, celery, leafy greens, carrots and much more. The low speed masticating mechanism that the juicer makes use of perfectly separates the juice and the pulp from each other, yielding the highest quality juice which is around 10% greater in quantity to that extracted through a traditional juicer. The juicer has a quiet 150 watts motor which turns the auger at 80 rpm to make a delicious drink with minimum oxidation and maximum nutrient preserved. The components of the cold press juicer are all dishwasher safe for easiest cleanup and it includes a 3 year warranty along UL and ETL certification to ensure the highest standards.

  • Among the slow juicers, it is one of the cheapest you will find.
  • It can effectively juice hard vegetables.
  • It is much simpler to clean as compared to most other juicers.
  • Automatic pulp ejection system lets you operate the device continuously.
  • The feed chute is small so you will have to cut the ingredients up before you feed them to the chute.
  • It is a bit slower than most other juicers that are present in the market.
  • The juicer shakes when juicing hard vegetables.

14. Omega Quiet Dual-Stage Cold Press Juicer

Omega Quiet Dual-Stage Cold Press JuicerStanding among the best seller cold press juicers on Amazon, this is a masticating type juicer which operates at a steady speed of 80 rpm which is purposefully kept low enough to yield greater quantities of juice and prevent the oxidation of useful enzymes in the drink. Despite its slow speed, the juicing does not take as much time as you are expecting and on the bright side you get a pulp free, foam free, nutritious and delicious drink with a shelf life of over 72 hours. This versatile appliance can do much more than make juice. You can also use it for making nut butters, baby food, pasta, grinding coffee and mincing herbs. The auger is made with GE Ultem which is multiple times stronger than other plastics while the dual stage juicing mechanism that it uses ensures that all the juice is completely extracted from the pulp that gets discarded. This mechanism ensures the greatest possible yield from all sorts of ingredients including fruits, veggies, greens and even wheatgrass. Overall, the appliance is versatile, simple to use and clean and includes an impressive warranty of 15 years so you won’t have to concern yourself regarding any malfunctions.

  • The machine has a durable construction and a long warranty to back it.
  • It is light weight and compact to suit any kitchen with ease.
  • The juicer is much noisier than other cold press juicers which are being sold.
  • The design is somewhat complex and difficult to assemble, take apart and also a bit difficult to clean.

Why Cold Pressed Juicing

If you are not already into juicing and this is the first time that you are buying a cold press juicer, you need to understand all the good reasons why juicing is important and why your investment will totally be worth it.

You already know how advantageous fruits and vegetables are for you. They are loaded with nutrients which are essential for our health however most of us don’t find the motivation to eat them whole. Juicing is for such people, an incredible way to boost the nutrients and energy levels inside their body through the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Here is how juicing leaves a positive impact on your health and on your life as a whole:

Higher consumption of nutrients:

Consuming fresh juices floods your bloodstream with the essential nutrients that aren’t as practical to consume otherwise. Juicing, especially cold press juicing, is the method of processing organic produce which wastes the least amount of nutrients which exist naturally in them.

Cold press juicing ensures minimum exposure to heat and light to ensure minimum wastage and destruction of the nutrients present inside the produce. This makes the consumption of cold press juices almost as good for our health as consuming them whole.

 Instant boost of energy:

Another excellent reason for juicing more often is the instant boost of energy that it gives your body. Rather than eating fruits and vegetables whole, juicing turns them into a meal which is easy to digest. This means that the energy which would otherwise have been used in digesting a meal can now be used for other important processes inside your body.

Many foods make you tired and sleepy which is mostly because of the energy you spend in digesting these foods. In contrast, drinking cold pressed juices will instantly make you feel fresh and active since your bloodstream is instantly flooded with vitamins and nutrients to reach the cells to enhance the performances of the systems inside your body and make more energy available for important processes.

Weight Loss:

This reason can be quite sufficient to motivate most people towards juicing since obesity is a problem more than half the world is fighting against. You might have come across some of the surprising tales of weight loss simply through juicing. All those tales are true. You simply need to try it out to believe it. Weight gain is most often linked to lack of physical activity and high consumption of processed foods which contain a high concentration of preservatives, sugars and other additives in them.

Juicing can help you shed pounds off your waist line by providing your body with all the necessary nutrients and energy without the consumption of unnecessary calories. The drink extracted through a cold press juicer is entirely natural since it does not contain any preservatives or sugars. It reduces the cravings for high calorie meals by keeping your tummy full.

Also, the overload of energy that spreads through your system after a glass of juice extracted through a cold press juicer will have to be released somewhere. This excess energy will ultimately push you out of the couch and make you want to exercise!

If you want to start a serious weight loss program to fit into a sleek dress for an upcoming occasion, you need to get yourself a cold press juicer and surf the internet for juice cleanse. It’s a crash diet for those who are looking for fast weight loss.

Sleep like a baby:

Insomnia is more of a problem with the present generation than it was ever before. Besides all the other reasons that disturb your sleeping pattern, lack of a healthy diet plays an important role in aggravating the problem.

We have already established that processed foods are harder to digest. Same goes for meat products and high carb food which makes a major part of our diet. So instead of resting, your body has to focus on digesting the food that you have put into it. Having a glass of juice from a cold press juicer before going to bed, in contrast, provides your body with the necessary energy without requiring the extra effort in digesting this food. All your body systems can rest with you instead of focusing on the digestion of a heavy meal.

Another important factor to help you sleep is the high level of magnesium present in the cold-pressed juice of most green vegetables. This mineral acts as a relaxant and helps you enjoy a good night’s rest.

What can you juice?

The possibilities for juicing are endless provided you have a kick-ass cold press juicer. Almost any fruit or vegetable can be squeezed to extract the juice from it but what you really need to know is whether your cold press juicer is actually up for it or not. Some juicers can only extract the juice of certain fruits and vegetables and will pass the rest of them out as pulp without extracting any juice. Most cold press juicers are capable of juicing many different kinds of ingredients including leafy greens and wheat grass.

The fruits and vegetables that you choose to juice will depend on your preferences and the requirements of your body. Apples not only add an appealing flavor to the juice but are loaded with antioxidants and improve digestion. Adding papaya to your cold pressed juice gives you a boost of vitamin C while pineapple fights against bacteria.

Other than these flavorful fruits, adding a little bit of vegetables has a long lasting effect on your health. Cabbage helps with stomach problems and ulcers while broccoli helps regulate your blood sugar levels. You can use a cold press juicer to juice any combination of fruits and/or vegetables that you can lay your hand on to benefit from a range of nutrients and flavors that exist in nature.

What’s all the hype about green juices?

With the popularity of cold press juicers reaching new heights, the trend of green juices is also growing. If you have a passion for juicing or you are surfing the internet for the latest ideas on losing weight, you must have come across the hype of green juices. The reason that its popularity is linked to cold press juicers is that this recent juicing technique isn’t just the best way to juice fruits but is also the most effective way of squeezing nutritious liquid out of the greens. But what is the purpose of consuming green juices? How do they benefit your health? These are some of the questions that need to be answered to establish the significance of green juices. Here are some of health benefits you get by consuming green juices:

Fresh Skin:

Green vegetables are loaded with antioxidants which help maintain a healthy, fresh looking skin.  Antioxidants which include Vitamin E and C eliminate toxins from the skin while Vitamin A helps fresh cells to grow faster which account for the fresh look on your face. Green juices are also rich in water which helps keep the skin sufficiently moisturized.

Weight Loss:

The most common reason why so many people are turning to green juices is the associated weight loss. It makes a healthy substitute for midday snacks and meals by keeping you full but not adding a significant amount to your daily calorie intake. Green juice cleanse is a great way for initiating any weight loss program since it will eliminate all the toxins from your body, keep you energized for your routinely chores and also initiate a faster weight loss.

More Energy:

Leaving all other energy boosters behind including coffee, energy drinks and more, green juices are the best thing that gets you energized right away. An important reason for feeling tired is that your body lacks the essential nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals. Consumption of green juices will fix the root cause by providing your body with all the vitamins and minerals to fill the deficit and instantly uplifts your energy.

Keeps You Young:

Oxidative elements inside your body can result in various illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer. The best things that these green juices give you are antioxidants to counter the effect of these harmful oxidative elements and eliminate or reduce the factors which cause aging before time. As a result you can expect to stay young for a long time with the regular consumption of green juices which is only possible if you have a quality cold press juicer in your kitchen.

Different Types of Juicers

Now that we understand why juicing is essential to our health, what you need in your kitchen is a capable cold press juicer. We have been using the term cold press juicer and cold pressed juice for quite a while now. If the term is new to you, wait a while and you find out what it’s all about.

Not every juicer that you find in the market will qualify as a cold press juicer. Although there are loads of varieties that you will find, you can classify them all into two main categories: centrifugal juicers and cold press juicers. Juices extracted through a centrifugal juicer are undoubtedly healthier than packaged juices but not even close to the quality of cold-pressed juice.

Centrifugal Juicers:

Centrifugal juicers are the cheapest varieties that you will find. They include a blade which rotates at a high speed against a mesh. The juice is pushed through the mesh into a collecting container. Although these juicers are faster in extracting juice and cheaper than cold press juicers, they will yield a lower quantity and quality of juice, transfer more foam to the juice and expose the drink to faster oxidation and a faster loss of nutrients.

Cold Press Juicers:

Cold press juicers are the newest varieties of juicers present in the market which use a fresh technique called masticating to result in a better quality drink that is more nutritious, fresher, and delicious and has a longer shelf life than the juice extracted through a traditional juicer. The juicing mechanism of a cold press juicer is also much quieter than that of other juicers which means you can have a cold, refreshing glass of juice even in the middle of the night if you want to without waking up the entire neighborhood.

The only drawbacks to using cold press juicers are longer time they take to extract juice and their higher price tag as compared to the old centrifugal varieties.  However the quality and the quantity of the juice extracted through these cold press juicers seem completely worth the time and money you are spending on it. Moreover, there are many cold press juicers which can also be used for additional functions such as making nut butter, ice cream, pasta and more.

Final Verdict:

So you see that you have plenty options available, in terms of quality, price, brand, features and convenience, when you go out shopping for your cold press juicer. It’s important to check out all the alternatives and consider all the features that each cold press juicer offers before you make a choice. Equipped will all this information on what you need to consider, you are all set to make the best choice and pick the ideal cold press juicer for your kitchen.  If you read our list of the best cold press juicers, I’m sure each one of you will find your ideal juicer depending on your budget and your preferences since we have carefully prepared our list keeping in mind the diverse preferences of different kinds of users.