7 Best Commercial Cold Press Juicer Reviews 2019

As the internet and media has developed more health awareness among people of this generation, the trend of juicing has seen a steep rise. With the rise in this trend, the growing popularity of commercial cold press juicers in restaurants, juice stands and even homes isn’t unanticipated.

Whether you are planning to start a juicing business or simply want to improve the nutrient intake of your family, what you need urgently is a commercial cold press juicer. The best commercial cold press juicer is the one which can take on all sorts of fruits, vegetables and even leafy greens to bring forth a drink for you which is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes.

Since you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the wonderful benefits of cold press juices for your family or your customers, you will need our guidance in purchasing the best commercial cold press juicer of the year. Read our commercial cold press juicer reviews before deciding upon the one which you are going to buy. With our guidance, hopefully, you won’t regret your choice and will pick something that’s going to deliver you healthy drinks for years and years.

Commercial Cold Press Juicer Reviews

1. Super Angel Premium Deluxe Cold Press Juicer

Super Angel Premium Deluxe Cold Press JuicerAlthough a little pricey, it is a commercial grade cold press juicer which works perfectly for any restaurant kitchen or a busy juice stand. It weighs 28 pounds and the strong motors rotate its auger at a relatively slow speed of 82 RPM. The slow speed is a plus for a cold press juicer since it makes sure than maximum pulp is extracted and minimum heat is created in doing so to prevent oxidation of the yield. The body is made using stainless steel of surgical grade and the collecting containers are made with dishwasher safe Pyrex. This makes the parts durable and relatively much simpler to clean. A 10 year warranty is included for the motor while it’s 5 years for all the rest of the parts. A built-in anti-jamming feature works effectively by adjusting the speed or rotating the auger in reverse in the event of clogging.1.

  • Despite the size and the quality of the performance of the juicer, it works silently and doesn’t disturb those around it.
  • It extracts juice in three stages which makes sure that maximum pulp is retrieved from the produce.
  • The juicing process is much slower than many other juicers although it does guarantee more yield.
  • The unit is very expensive which makes it unsuitable if you have a restricted budget.

2. Tribest Greenstar Commercial Cold Press Juicer

Tribest Greenstar Commercial Cold Press JuicerSomewhat on the affordable side, this masticating juicer works perfectly for commercial and even domestic use. Since it is a horizontal juicer, it will cover a greater counter-top space than the usual juicers but on the plus side it weighs only 17 pounds which makes it easy to move around in the kitchen. Since the auger rotates at 110 RPM, it produces juice sufficiently fast for running an efficient commercial kitchen but not too fast to degrade the quality of the juice. You will especially appreciate its performance with leafy greens since it yields more pulp than any other juicer when you pass these ingredients through the chute. It also includes attachments for mixer and pasta maker to make the unit even more versatile for your kitchen.

  • An impressive 12 year warranty backs the product.
  • Its juicing process is comprised of three stages making sure all the juice is extracted from the ingredients.
  • The versatile juicer can work with most types of fruits, vegetables and greens with ease and expertise.
  • It takes some effort to push the fruits down the chute.
  • Since the RPM is a little higher than most masticating juicers, it will produce a little more froth on top of the juice than you would expect in a regular cold pressed juice.

3. OmegaQuiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

Omega Quiet Dual-Stage Cold Press JuicerAnother popular choice for commercial purposes which happens to be quite affordable as well is this powerful 2 horsepower commercial cold press juicer. Although powerful, the motor rotates the auger at a relatively slow speed of 80 RPM to ensure maximum yield from the organic produce and minimum production of heat so as not to degrade the quality of the juice. Since it includes auto pulp ejection just like any great cold press juicer, you can use it for continuous juicing. The versatile unit can do the work of so many other kitchen appliances besides working as a juicer. It can be used to make pasta, baby food, grind coffee beans, chop herbs and more.

  • The juicer comes with a long warranty of 15 years to let you use it peacefully for a very long time.
  • Weighing only 13 pounds it is easy to handle and fits easily in a home kitchen or commercial kitchen.
  • It is much affordable in contrast to many other commercial grade masticating juicers.
  • The feeding chute is narrower than usual so be prepared to cut the ingredients before pushing them though it.
  • Juicing fibrous products produces a lot of pulp which sometimes clogs the juicer.

4. New Age Living Masticating Slow Juicer

New Age Living Masticating Slow JuicerIf you are looking for an inexpensive masticating juicer to enhance the performance of your commercial kitchen, here is another good choice for you. Besides its modern look, it also has its superior performance and higher yields to offer to your kitchen. It uses a commercial grade 200 watts motor to rotate its auger at a low speed of only 45 RPM to extract almost all the juice out of the ingredients without damaging the nutrients in the least. The components are constructed out of BPA-free plastic to ensure your health while the super fine strainer makes sure there is no pulp in the juice that is extracted. The design is simple to clean and a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer backs it for any damage that may be encountered.

  • The third generation auger which is part of the design effectively juices out all the different kinds of produce from soft and hard fruits to vegetables and leafy greens as well.
  • The compact design makes it suitable for domestic use as well.
  • The auger is capable of rotating in reverse to deal with clogging.
  • Some users find the speed too slow especially those who have a busy routine.
  • It is not the perfect choice for juicing vegetable and ingredients with a lot of fiber.

5. Nutrifaster Multi Purpose Juicer

Nutrifaster Multi Purpose JuicerThis is another professional-grade juicer built for heavy-duty purposes which is also among the most expensive models on our list. The higher price tag, however, is completely justified with its 1.25 horsepower commercial-grade motor delivering a speed of 3,450 RPMs to juice anything from soft fruits to hard veggies and also leafy greens in much lesser time in comparison to other juicers. It uses 16 blades which include two configurations for cutter plate which can be selected among. You will find it more compact than other commercial cold press juicers which will make it suitable for use at home as well although it still is quite heavy and difficult to move around.

  • The safety interlock system that is built into the unit protects it while it is operating.
  • The cleanup is simpler since the pulp ejection tube directs the pulp out of the juicer.
  • The juicer is versatile and can juice many different vegetables, fruits and even fibrous greens with ease.
  • As pointed out, this commercial juicer is much pricier than the average juicers out there.
  • It is also much heavier than the usual cold press juicers.
  • Some users have concerns that it juices fruits very effectively but the same cannot be said when it comes to vegetables.

6. Omega Juicers Vertical Masticating Juicer with Tap

Omega Juicers Vertical Masticating Juicer with TapThis powerful juicing machine is another one built for heavy-duty use in a commercial kitchen available in only around $450 which is much cheaper than what most commercial masticating juicers would cost you. The 150 watts motor that is housed inside the base will rotate its auger at 80 RPM which is the most suitable speed for ensuring a superior quality and greater quantity of juice extracted from all kinds of ingredients. The durability is exceptional and a 15 years warranty from the manufacturer proves it. Its auto-clean system makes cleaning it a breeze while the auto-feed system allows for continuous juicing whatever the quantity of ingredients is that you may be planning to process. The juicing requires minimum supervision on the part of the user and a built-in mixing function allows you to mix juices from different ingredients inside the machine before letting it out into a glass for consumption.

  • The warranty offered with the juicer is very long considering the low price that it is sold at.
  • The mixing function that it possesses is a useful feature which is not present in many cold press juicers in the market.
  • The auto-clean system makes the unit much simpler to clean than most of the other juicers.
  • The feed chute is a little smaller than the ideal case which means you are going to have to spend a good amount of time preparing the ingredients to be fed.
  • Some users have reported that it is not very effective for green juices.

7. Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer by Champion Juicer

Champion Heavy Duty Cold Press JuicerYou can get this commercial cold press juicer which is built for heavy duty use at a very affordable price of less than $350. Whether it is for regular juicing for a couple of people at home or heavy duty use at a restaurant, this 1/3 horsepower machine can handle it all with ease. The 10 year warranty that the manufacturers offer with it says much about its durability. It will survive through excessive juicing of all types of hard fruits, vegetables, greens and even nuts. Along with working as a juicer, it also features attachments to use it as a mixer, ice cream maker and also pasta maker. You can even use the unit to prepare homemade butter. All the parts detach very easily and can be washed in a dishwasher.

  • Apart from the regular fruits and veggies, the juicer is also ideal for preparing green juices.
  • The juicer features automatic pulp ejection so that you can juice continuously.
  • All the parts are made out of the most durable stainless steel and nylon.
  • Since it is built for commercial purposes, the unit is quite heavy and takes a lot of storage space for a small home kitchen.
  • You will find it a little noisier than the rest of the masticating juicers.